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Thursday, April 30, 2015

U.S. Income Tax Filing for Americans in Calgary, AB

Many Americans are now finding high paying jobs in Canadian cities such as Calgary, Edmonton, and Fort McMurray, Alberta. As a United States Citizen or Greencard holder, you are obligated to file a 1040 U.S. Income Tax Return. We can file:

  • 1040 Tax Return on Foreign Income
  • 1040NR for Non Residents with U.S. Income
  • 1120 U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Schedule B - Invesment Income from Canada
  • Form 2555 - Foreign Earned Income
  • Form 1116 - Foreign Tax Credit
  • Form 8938 - Statement of Foreign Financial Assets
  • FBAR Filing

→$250 Flat Rate Filing!*←

This can be somewhat scary to find out, however, there are foreign income exclusion, foreign housing exclusion, and foreign income tax credits that you may apply for. If you are working full time in Canada as a U.S. Citizen, you may be able to exclude up to the equivalent of $90,000 USD of income that you earned in Canada, as well as roughly $50,000 exclusion on some expenses that qualify for "cost of living".

Borders Bookkeeping is based in the Palm Springs area (La Quinta) of California. We provide cross border income tax accounting services to Canadians and Americans. We work closely with a Canadian income tax & accounting company (Dymas Services) in Calgary, AB.

Because we specialize in cross borders income tax & bookkeeping, we can offer U.S. income tax filing to those working in places like Calgary, Edmonton, or Fort Mac for much cheaper than it is available in Canada while still having the ability to meet up with a tax preparer. Basically, we are providing outsourcing for Dymas Services in Calgary.

Please contact Borders Bookkeeping for more information. Call our Calgary Phone number:

(403) 800 2458

* $250 USD (American Currency): Applies to most tax situations, of course every situation is different and we do not guarantee this price for everyone.