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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reporting Foreign Interest Income on U.S. Tax Return

Not many people provide a good answer when asked the question "how do I report foreign interest from a bank on my U.S. income tax return". Here's how to do it. I am using Taxact software and other software may not be the same.

  • Add a 1099-INT as if you were reporting interest from a domestic bank
  • Fill in PAYER'S (bank) information. Make sure to use the physical street address of the bank and not a P.O. box number. Leave state and zip blank and enter foreign info below
  • Enter interest received in box 1
  • Check box 25 (indicating you did not actually receive a 1099-INT for this income)
  • Enter the total interest income related to that bank in box 26 (Foreign interest included in Box 1)
  • Repeat for each foreign bank account that you received bank interest at and did not receive a 1099-INT
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