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Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Fill Out 2015 NFFBAR.PDF FinCen report 114

The new FinCen report in 2015 for tax reporting year 2014 is available on the BSA Website.

Do you need to E-File an FBAR? 

  • Are you a resident, Citizen, or greencard holder of the United States?
  • Add up all the accounts you have outside of the United States. Do they total more than $10,000 USD?

First off you will want to determine if you actually need to file. Please read my article on determining if you will need to file FBARs.

How to fill the 2015 NFFBAR.PDF form

1. Download the NFFBAR.PDF file

You can first download the pdf file to electronically file your FBARs.