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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Form 8288-A Copy B Corrected - Withholding Agent's TIN Blacked Out

Question: I have been keeping up with your tax postings and I really have learned at lot from it! I sold my property in Phoenix, AZ and did not apply for a withholding certificate because it was too late and the sale was already closed.

 I received the 8288-a copy b in the mail and the withholding agent's Federal identification number has black marker blacking out the SSN. Is this normal?

Answer: Yes, this is normal. The IRS will manually make corrections in red pen to your form 8288-A copy B and black out the buyer's (Withholding Agent's) Federal Identification number.

 If you need the buyer's SSN, check other paperwork or call the contact person assigned to your case at the Department of the Treasury. This info is at the top of the cover letter for the 8288-a copy b you received.

Make sure you have a look at the Canadians Selling U.S. Real Estate page for some more information and keep up with the tax posts. We would be happy to help you out with filing a 1040NR to recover your withheld taxes, our fee is $250. We are located in La Quinta, California.

Please see below for a fictitious example of a typical 8288-a copy b when received by a Canadian who has sold U.S. real estate subject to withholding.

Note some of the typical corrections are the Identification number of the foreign person subject to withholding was PENDING at the time of application and should have been sent in with a W-7. The contact person has crossed out PENDING and given the new ITIN.

Also, sometimes we see both spouses on one 8288-a. You cannot do this. Instead, each spouse will be mailed their own copy and they will each have to file a 1040NR for half the total amount of federal income tax withheld.

We typically see address corrections as well.