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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

FinCen report 114 FBAR Form Not Able to Sign

Now you are able to E-File your FinCen Report 114 online, which makes life so much easier.. if everything works of course. As a preparer of this form, I would like to write about some of the issues I've had with the system.

The FinCen Report 114 FBAR form is downloadable HERE at the BSA E-Filing system website. Before you begin to download the form, MAKE SURE you are using ADOBE ACROBAT READER. I've tried, the form will not sign under other programs.

I spent a very frustrated hour or two trying to file the form electronically with Foxit PDF Editor, the form will not send even after shutting the safe mode off under preferences>trust manager> safety mode.

What happens is that I would  open the NFFBAR.PDF file in Foxit. Immediately there is a window that pops up saying:

"Item 14a - Financial interest in 25 or more financial account information is required.
 Item 14b - Signature authority over but no financial interest in 25 or more financial account information required.".

Once everything has been filled out correctly, clicking validate tells you:

"This form needs to be signed."

The Sign the Form button does nothing. I assumed that it was because there were too many accounts, but the number of accounts did not make a difference.

After downloading ADOBE ACROBAT READER, which I thought I had found a much better alternative to recently, I re-entered all the information and voila, the form was able to be signed and ready to file.

Hopefully you are able to find this if you are having trouble with the FinCen report 114 FBAR not accepting a signature or not validating. The technical part of this form is not as user friendly as I wish it was, but once switching from Foxit PDF Editor to ADOBE ACROBAT READER, it seemed to go much better for me.